Do you have a birthday or special event coming up?
Whether it's for the weekly quiz or a birthday party, the Castle is open 7 days a week, all year long.

Below are some FAQs before you reserve.

For more details write us at or give us a call during our opening hours +49 30 28047126 



10115 BERLIN
+49 30 28047126 

Mon - Thu 14:00-01:00
Fri - Sat 14:00-02:00
Sun 13:00 - 01:00.


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Can I reserve a party at The Castle?

Yes! We have a suitable space for parties. However please note that business will still be running as usual. Reserve the space with us free of charge and buy your drinks from the bar. Loud music and dancing are not possible, keep in mind that we are a Bar and not a Club. 

I´m Planning a big Event and would like to pay the next day, is it possible?
Unfortunately No! However, we can accept payment upfront, or at the end of the evening. If you are planning a company party, let us know how much you would like to spend and we will send you an invoice upfront (5-7 days before the event would be ideal). 

Do you have a Pool Table?

Yes, we do. It costs 1€ per game.

Can I make a reservation for the weekly quiz on Mondays?

We only take quiz team bookings through the website starting at 10 am on Monday morning to avoid late cancellations.
The quiz starts at 7.30pm so we can finish promptly by 10 pm, come in early!


Do you serve food?

YES, We offer Homemade Pizza, Focaccia and Nachos (Vegan options available).  

Is there a maximum or minimum amount of people required for reservations?

We take bookings from 2 to 30 people

Can I reserve in the Beer Garden?

Yes, Just fill in the Reservation form. 

Are Dogs Allowed in the Bar?
Yes! we love dogs and offer dog snacks and a water bowl, just ask us about it.


Do you have table service?

We are self-service, all drinks & food are to be ordered with our friendly team at the bar.


Do you use tabs?

The bar staff are more than happy to set up a tab for your group with your table number, so one payment can be made at the end.
If you have a budget you can let the staff know when to notify you as you near the limit.
If you'd like to limit the guest to a maximum amount of drinks each, we can count out vouchers that you can give to each guest. 
All outstanding tabs must be paid at the end of the night.


Do you take Card Payments?

We accept EC, credit cards, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay etc. 


Do you have a quieter area for more intimate bookings or meetings?

Every area of the bar has its own speaker which can be made quieter by the bar staff if you ask. Generally speaking the back room or the dungeon are the quietest rooms.


Do you have lost and found?
You are welcome to swing by the bar in person as soon as possible and ask the team if your item has been handed in, if you try calling us it might not help, the fastest way to get your lost property is to come to the bar ASAP.